Wednesday, July 14, 2004

13 Sins of DVD layout and design

  • Previews automatically playing before the menu -- hey, people buy DVDs to view the same movies again and again, not to view your stupid previews again and again.

  • Too many studio logos in front of menu -- the same, it also can bring a negative effect. Imagine, the DVD is getting old, the movie starts once in three-four attempts, hence the viewer watches your stupid logos three-four times before he can get to the movie! What do you think he feels about the studios, whose logos he sees?

  • Long exhausting "fun" animation and multiple choices to get to menu -- get to the business!

  • Unskippable logos and copyright notice before the menu -- we know you want us to see that. But what's in there for us?

  • Logos and copyright notice in front and/or the end of each episode on DVD with a TV show/series. Hey, we know you love yourself, you really love yourself, and we know that this love is mutual (you love yourself back), but don't hope for a love triangle here - we just want a movie.

  • Cheap Chinese production making DVDs poorly playable or quickly wearing. Leave this quality to pirate DVDs, please.

  • Putting a French and Spanish versions, but forgetting English closed caption. Especially in some British series. British accent is nice, but occasionally it's nice to understand the speach too.

  • Cutting the movie or putting shorter syndicated episodes to fit more stuff into the "bonus" features.

  • Breaking a movie into two disks to fit more "bonus" material -- put all your "bonuses" on a separate disk, that makes it easy for the most of us to throw it out. And the rest of us can enjoy it in a purer form. Clear win-win!

  • Turning closed captions on by default, asking to choose the language before the menu,... -- guys, you pushed for these stupid zones, use them for an educated guess!

  • Logo and menu playing several decibells louder than the movie itself -- again, we know you love yourself, don't make us hate you.

  • Making "Scene selection" a default menu item, unless this is a series with collection of episodes, we just want the movie.

  • Missing "Play all" for episode collections, and not making it a default choice.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Sins of blogging

  • Doing it from job;

  • Missspelling words;

  • Trying to please everybody;

  • Trying to offend everybody;

  • Confusing it with job;

  • Confusing it with sex;

  • Confusing it with communication;

  • Confusing it with free psychotherapy;

  • Thinking that it really matters.