Saturday, March 19, 2005

"No trans fat" -- Brummel & Brown - I Can't believe it's not butter

Here is a quote from B&B site, producers of "I can't believe it's not butter" that claims to have "No trans fat":
Brummel & Brown - Home: "Q: How can a product contain no trans fat and still have partially hydrogenated vegetable oil in the ingredients?
A: Partially hydrogenated vegetable oil describes a broad range of oils with varying degrees of hydrogenation or hardening. The trans fat levels in these oils vary from very little to higher amounts. As a result, products with less than 0.5g trans, according to FDA regulations, may be labeled 0g trans fat per serving although they have as one of their components partially hydrogenated vegetable oil. Trans fat levels used for labeling are based on the total product composition, not only the fat portion. "

Now let look at the label, "Serving Size 14g" Let's divide 0.5g/14g = 0.035, that is 3.5% by weight! Frankly, I don't pay a shit, if FDA allows them to claim that 3.5% of trans fat is is the same as 0% or not, that's an outright lie.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Geek humor on video and record industry

Q: Why did the record and video industry put so ridiculously weak protection on DVDs?
A: Because this way there is more people, they can sue for breaking it.

Q: Why did they tied DVD and Video CD formats to the media?
A: Because there were a lot of CD recorders at the time, and they were afraid, people will directly copy DVDs to CDs.
Q: Pardon me, but CDs are in times smaller than DVDs!
A: Hey, what you are, Julius Caesar? What do you want them, protect their profits and think at the same time?