Sunday, May 22, 2005

Bar Code Master Order Form: General Graphics

Bar Code Master Order Form: General Graphics

The guys doing bar codes for UPC and EAN/ISBN. On the order form they ask for the specific format in which it should be provided.

Well, if you produce a bar code, is it really essential that you ship in exactly one format? How often somebody order separately three formats? Can you just throw in this little service of providing all five of your available formats? You losing nothing, and your customers get a peace of mind. Keep in mind, they may not know which format they need, and making the decision upfront (and also without knowing how well you know these formats) may be uncomfortable = lost sales.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Tickle - Test your IQ

I am kind of puzzled by unsubscribe note in the end of their mailing:

Not your account? If you did not request this account and wish to completely remove it from Tickle, click the link below and sign in (password required):

Huh? Where will I get a password, if I did not requested the damn account in the first place? It's probably one of their IQ tests... :-)