Sunday, December 18, 2005

Barnes&Nobles email Advertising

I am a member of their... B&N Savings something... anyway, I have a piece of plastic and they give me 10% off everything or almost everything. As a part of the catch, they are sending me their marketing offers by email. Well, that's not that bad. Say, yesterday they've sent me a coupon for 15% OFF for anything in the store on top of my 10% discount. I ignore such stuff from most merchants, but with the bookstore I can get some expensive book that I wanted really cheaper. The funny problem is that I cannot click on their link! Yes, right, they've sent a link "Get the store coupon" and forgot to put the actual link in!!!

To be completely honest, they probably did, they were just ignorant enough to think that it will work. And, of course, it does not. Arghhh! Really stupid!