Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Bowker's First Chapter

Bowker is the company that owns ISBN numbers in USA. Also, they pretend to be experts in book sales... I just got their advertising:

Exhibit your book with First Chapter!
Be the first on line to have your book's First Chapter viewed by bookstore, library, distributor, and consumer book buyers with our valued program!
The First Chapter, Premier Annotations, and BookWire Reviews programs offer you a way to diversify your selling abilities and easily reach a wide range of potential book buyers. We are now offering a special combination package for just $999, a savings of over $400!

Let's see... First, they think that I am a complete idiot and use "savings of over $400" - a marketing ploy any five yearold American does not fall for anymore. Sure, I am already hurrying up... Now, let's see. An income from a book sale is at best a few dollars. If you sell a book through Amazon Adavntage, it's about 3-5 dollars -- at best. Now, I should sell $999/3 = 333 book to merely cover this advertising costs before I will see any profit at all... Errr...